April 11, 2010

Guitar Cake

Since the Landshark cake was such a hit, my other friend asked me to make a cake for her.  The cake was for her boyfriend's birthday and she told me that he likes Harley Davidson and plays the guitar.  I thought it would be cool to make the cake shaped like a guitar with a Harley theme.  When I think of Harley, I think of orange, black, and red and designed the cake around this. I covered the cake with fondant and then painted it black since it is very hard to color the fondant black by kneading it in.  I used Wilton's food coloring and mixed it with a little vodka to paint and it took about 12 hours to dry.  The flames are made of fondant with Wilton's red pearl dust on the edges.  Also, I have found Duncan Hines is the best to use when fondanting because it is denser than the other boxed cakes.  As for frosting, make sure to frost the cake and allow it to chill in the fridge before fondanting so that it firms and the fondant doesn't take the shape of the frosting underneath.


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